During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working tirelessly to provide urgent care to the most vulnerable feet in and around Bromley. We have been at the forefront at treating and preventing life threatening lower limb and foot infection and ulceration, getting patients out of pain,  and to enable essential workers to carry on doing their jobs.

We have made lots of changes to the surgery and to the way we practice in order to be fully PPE compliance to government and professional body standards/guidelines to ensure the safety of all our patients. We are asking all patients to wear a mask or a face covering when they attend for their appointment and we also provide gloves and shoe covers for patients to wear before they get into the surgery. We are triaging patients prior to their appointments to ensure there are no signs/symptoms of Covid-19 and are taking patients temperature prior to admission to the surgery. We are allowing only one patient at a time in the surgery and spacing the appointments out in order to be able to deep clean the surgery between each patients. We have installed a protective sneeze screen in between the podiatrist and the patient to provide additional protection and an air filtration system to keep the air in the surgery fresh at all times.




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