Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal infection affecting the skin and toenails. Prompt treatment is recommended to prevent irritation and spread of the infection.

Fungal nail infection or onychomycosis can be very stubborn to treat. It is caused by the same fungus that causes Athlete’s foot. Often it will starts off as a skin infection and spread to the toenails especially if the toenails have been damaged by trauma. Some antifungal treatments can be toxic to the liver and it is recommended that you should always consult a Podiatrist first before commencing any antifungal treatment.

Lacuna Method:

Here at Bromley Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic we are trained in the Lacuna Method to treat fungal nail infection. This is a safe and innovative treatment with none of the side effects associated with systemic antifungal treatments and is suitable for most patients including diabetics.

Low Level Laser Therapy:

This is a non-invasive and  painless treatment to treat the infection. It uses an intense light to destroy the fungus. We also use a UV light to disinfect your shoes and kill the fungal spores that live inside your shoes to prevent re-infection. To find out more please refer to the following articles:

Daily Mail Pain Free Laser Treatment

Clinical Trials

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