Poor foot posture and alignment can lead to pain or injury not just in the foot but also the leg, knee, hip and the lower back. Common complaints are flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, pain in the ball of the feet, neuroma (trapped nerve) , hammer toes , ankle pain and shin splints. Our Podiatrists are trained to assess your gait and carry out a biomechanical assessment to help diagnose the underlying cause of your poor foot posture.  Here at Bromley Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic we use the most advance solution to help solve your foot and lower limb problems. We offer the latest RS Footscan technology to analyse your gait digitally and prescribe the world’s first high-tech Phits 3-D printed orthotic or insoles (in-shoe devices) specially designed and customised based on a digital analysis of your dynamic gait. The RS Scan is clinically the most accurate system in the market to analyse your gait using thousands of mini pressure sensors to capture your foot movement as you walk. Nike uses exactly the same technology to help design their running trainers. These groundbreaking, slim, lightweight, and durable insoles can help to re-align your posture and feet to a better functional position , reduce excess repetitive stress on them and relieve your foot and leg pain. Top athletes including Sir Mo Farah, Paula Radcliff and British Marathon Champions Charlotte Purdue, Aly Dixon, Natasha Cockram and Lily Partridge have all use the Phits 3D printed insoles. Once a diagnosis is confirmed we can also prescribe an appropriate stretching/strengthening programmes, strapping and footwear advice.

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