Verruca is a highly contagious viral infection caused by the HPV virus. Usually the infection spreads from one person to another through infected floors in communal places such as swimming baths and gyms. It can be very stubborn to treat and treatments are recommended as soon as an infection is diagnosed or suspected as the success rate is much higher if the infection is treated at the earlier stages. At Bromley Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic we offer a range of professional verruca treatments:



This is an exciting new treatment which is showing very good clinical results. It is a painless treatment with very few contraindications:



This treatment uses a very cold gas to cause a rapid freeze to the verruca tissue which leads to rupturing of the infected skin cell thereby exposing the virus to your body’s immune system which then attacks the virus and destroys it. 


CAUSTIC (Acid Treatment)

We use much stronger preparations than what you can buy over the counter. Caustic treatments cause a controlled chemical burn to the verruca tissue leading to an inflammatory response by the body to eliminate the infection.



This is a more invasive treatment for stubborn long-standing verrucae. For more information please follow this link:


Verruca Needling (Surgery)


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