Protecting Your Feet This Summer

June 2019 – by Jenny Le-Tran

We are all hoping that summer will arrive soon and in preparation for our lovely summer ahead (one can only live in hope!) here are some top tips to help keep your feet protected and healthy!

  1. Invest in good summer footwear, be it sandals or flip-flops, to provide you with plenty of support as cheap sandals or flip-flops are usually made of cheap materials which can often damage your feet by not providing enough support when you are likely to be more active in the summer months. Only buy sandals which provide good arch support, got proper fastening like a strap or buckle and are well cushioned to provide adequate shock absorption. Completely flat sandals will cause your heel and arches to hurt over time due to lack of support.
  2. Do protect the skin on your feet with sunscreen as the sun’s rays can burn through and cause pain and blistering. Make sure you re-apply sunscreen after being in the water.
  3. The skin on your feet especially your heels can get very dry and cracked in the summer due to being in more open shoes. It is important you apply a good moisturiser on them such as a urea based cream nightly to keep them supple and soft.
  4. Don’t leave your nail polish on for too long over the summer months as toenails need sunlight to stay healthy! Lack of sunlight and air can cause them to develop fungal infection.
  5. Don’t walk around barefooted in public communal areas especially around swimming pools to avoid picking up infection such as verruca and Athlete’s foot!


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