By Jenny Le-Tran- May 2019

Does your child complain of leg and foot pains?  

Recurrent limb pain in childhood is a fairly common condition, with children typically experiencing aching pains or tired legs  in the late afternoon and in the evening. Often you will hear this being referred to as ‘growing pains’ meaning it is due to the growth process. However, there are indeed very few medical evidence to show that the growth process is painful.

Should you be worried? 

Our advice would be – when it is occurring regularly, or the pain is very intense, it may indicate that a foot assessment might be necessary. Muscles and soft tissues in the legs and feet can go into fatigue and become painful if there are mechanical issues which can lead to excessive strain and stress on them. 

Studies have shown that children with a flexible flat foot deformity who experienced lower extremity symptoms,  the vast majority of them found their symptoms resolved with the use of special insoles called orthoses.

We recommend children who are experiencing recurring leg and foot pain/symptoms to see a Podiatrist for an assessment. We would be happy to address any concern (s) you or your child may have about their feet/legs.

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